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EcoSeaTile LLC creates beautiful, unique looking products from reclaimed materials. All our products are produced at our workshop in Kennebunk, Maine. EcoSeaTile has developed innovative ways to use waste shells and other materials that were previously discarded or hard to recycle. For years shells have been considered trash and relegated to landfills. After a lot of experimentation and painstaking trial and error we have developed a number of techniques that enable us to create a wide variety of molded products that create a stunning and eco-friendly look for your home or business.

EcoSeaTile is firmly committed to recycling and reuse. All products manufactured by EcoSeaTile contain over 50% pre-consumer recycled material. All products consist of over 50% recycled materials and all of our tiles meet LEED standards for environmentally friendly building materials. EcoSeaTile products are air cured and do not utilize a kiln, significantly reducing energy costs. We use recycled material in our packaging whenever possible and even our tile molds are made from recycled material.

EcoSeaTile, LLC P.O. Box 574, Mount Desert, Maine 04660   Phone: 207-244-4466  Email: info@ecoseatile.com