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EcoSeaTiles are designed to be used primarily as wall tiles but can be used on floors in low traffic areas. With five different tile sizes and shapes and five unique shell combinations to choose from, EcoSeaTiles can be used for a wide range of bathroom, kitchen and other applications. They can also be easily incorporated as stunning trim or accents with other types of ceramic, glass, and stone tiles. EcoSeaTiles that contain lobster shells (i.e. either the lobster tiles or the mussel+lobster tiles) should not be installed in areas that receive significant direct sunlight. EcoSeaTiles should also not be installed in areas that will be subjected to temperatures in excess of 250 degrees Farenheit. Because of the natural materials involved, every tile is unique and there can be differences in color and appearance between similar types of tiles. EcoSeaTile guarantees all products from defects in materials and workmanship and will gladly replace any tile that is not satisfactory to the purchaser.

A kitchen backsplash using clam tiles with embedded glass tiles

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