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EcoSeaTile offers several different ways of customizing coasters offering a wide range of looks and potential applications. Several of these techniques involve the placement of materials within the coasters. The first method involves embedding objects (usually supplied by the customer) in the coaster. In general the objects must be less than 5/16 of an inch thick or if they are slightly thicker, they must be able to be easily ground down as we grind the backs of the coasters to achieve a flat surface and uniform thickness. Some examples of this embedded object technique include the following:

Another way of customizing coasters includes use of laser cut images that can include either public domain clip art or original designs by Mount Desert Island artists. These images are usually designed via computer graphics or procured from a publicly available library of images and cut from specially treated paper. Several examples are shown below:

Embedded Jpeg images can also be used to create customized coasters. Jpeg images may be furnished directly by a customer or provided as a digital image that can then be reproduced. These images may be photographs or images of original art. Below are several examples including a photograph and a couple of images of original art including one that incorporates an embedded object (fishing fly).

One additional method used to customize coasters includes laser etching on the surface of the tile combined with a thin layer of paint that sits in the laser cut grooves to improve contrast. The image below is a laser engraved image of Mount Desert Island.

Issues to keep in mind in considering customized coasters include:
  • Contrast of the image or object being embedded with the background shell color
  • Thickness of the object
  • Porosity of the image or object being embedded—if the object is very porous then the color may change as epoxy soaks into it.
For pricing on specific projects or questions regarding customization either send us an email at info@EcoSeaTile.com or talk to us at at 207-244-4466.

EcoSeaTile, LLC P.O. Box 574, Mount Desert, Maine 04660   Phone: 207-244-4466  Email: info@ecoseatile.com