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  1. Always store tiles in a clean, dry location and avoid exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Before beginning installation, inspect and approve all materials and carefully read Installation and Care Instructions.

  2. In general, we recommend following similar procedures as would be used for installing glass tiles, however, because EcoSeaTiles are almost totally opaque, it is not necessary to utilize a true-white thin-set or to use a flat trowel.

  3. Sub-surfaces and movement joints: Proper installation of tile is dependent on proper installation of substrates and movement joints. We recommend using the Tile Council of North America's specifications concerning substrates and movement joints.

  4. Tile Cutting: A standard wet-saw with a diamond blade will cleanly cut EcoSeaTiles. In addition, tiles may be cut with a chop saw or by hand with a hack saw.

  5. Installation: Follow the manufacturer's instructions and remember that the consistency of the thin-set is a key to a successful installation. In general, thin-set should be stiff enough to adhere to an upside down trowel but wet enough so that when touched, it sticks to your finger. The goal is to create a smooth, even bed approximately 3/32 thick. Remember to wipe the underside of each tile to remove any residual dust.

  6. Grout: We recommend latex additive un-sanded grout.

  7. Maintenance: EcoSeaTiles are non-porous. Clean the tile using soap and water or a non-abrasive, non-corrosive cleaner (e.g. Windex, Fantastic, All-purpose citrus cleaner applied with a sponge or a standard kitchen Scotchbrite pad.

  8. Removing scratches: Surface scratches on EcoSeaTiles can be easily repaired. To repair scratches, use a dual action buffer and begin sanding with 1500 grit sandpaper. After sanding, clean the surface to make sure all scratches have been removed. (Deeper scratches may require starting with a more abrasive sandpaper but never use anything coarser than 400 grit.) After scratches have been removed proceed to 3000 grit sandpaper and next buff with a foam pad using a small amount of buffing compound.

EcoSeaTiles should not be installed in an area that will be exposed to heat in excess of 250 degrees. In addition, tiles containing lobster shells should not be installed in areas exposed to extensive direct sunlight as they will have a tendency to fade.

Please Note: Due to our handcrafted manufacturing process and the extensive use of natural materials there may be minor variations in color, patterns, shade texture and size. You may occasionally notice bubbles which are artifacts of the casting process. Our liability is limited solely to the replacement of our product and only after we have determined that the material is unsatisfactory. The buyer is responsible for both inspection and acceptance of our materials prior to installation. The buyer is also responsible for determining whether this product is appropriate for a particular installation. Use of the tile constitutes full acceptance. No adjustments will be made after the tile has been installed. We strongly recommend that the Buyer use the Tile Council of America's specifications pertaining to tile installation and preparation of sub-surfaces (TCA Handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation - see www.tileusa.com for more information).

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