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EcoSeaTile, as our name implies, began operations as a tile company in 2008, manufacturing unique handmade tiles from recycled shells. We started by coming up with a novel way to recycle and reuse lobster, mussel and clam shells. Seeking to build on our experience with tiles, we created our line of SeaCoasters. Our coaster line was the first of a number of new gift, hardware and home furnishing products that we have brought to market during the past several years. Recently we’ve added jewelry to our list of products. Along the way, we have also expanded our pallet of recycled materials to include additional types of shells as well as scrap metal. We’ve been amazed at the beauty we’ve found in very commonplace waste materials. With our commitment to innovation, sustainability and quality, the results have been remarkable. EcoSeaTile products now include gift items such as coasters, wine stoppers, travel mugs, paperweights and magnets. Hardware items include switch covers, drawer knobs, coat and towel racks and our home furnishings consist of picture frames and Christmas ornaments. Our jewelry is the newest addition to our product line. We offer a stunning range of looks and now use over 17 distinct recycled materials and that number is growing all the time. We truly are committed to creating recycled beauty for your home.

All recycled shells that we use are first cleaned, dried and crushed and then set in a resilient epoxy resin. Our tiles provide an elegant and unique look as field tiles, trim or accents and can be used with ceramic, glass, or stone tiles. EcoSeaTiles are durable and easy to work with. Tiles have a hardness comparable to Formica™ and are much less brittle than ceramic or glass tiles.

The metal that we use is recovered as cuttings from machine shops (the stuff they usually sweep up off the floor).. EcoSeaTile products are very eco-friendly with most of our products containing over 50% recycled, pre-consumer waste while meeting LEED standards for recycled building products. All EcoSeaTile products are air cured and do not utilize a kiln. Even our packaging utilizes recycled materials. With all production occurring at our workshop in Kennebunk, Maine, EcoSeaTile products provide beautiful, handmade and unique options for gifts, home furnishings, jewelry and tile needs that are handmade in the USA.

EcoSeaTile, LLC P.O. Box 574, Mount Desert, Maine 04660   Phone: 207-244-4466  Email: info@ecoseatile.com